We are dedicated to a cleaner future.

We are always pushing ourselves to do better and learn how to be more sustainable in every avenue of our business. We focus on the little things so you can focus on the big!

Our Fabrics

We source the best of the best sustainable fabrics. From recycled to up-cycled fabrics, all of our pieces are made with Mother Nature in mind. Our fabrics are anywhere from 70% to 100% recycled material. To know what percentage of recycled material your suit is made out of check the product description!

Our Trims

We work to source sustainable and natural trims for all of our suits. Whether we are using bamboo, natural wood, or recycled materials we ensure that our trims are not only good for you but good for our planet too!

Our Packaging

We ship the best in the best. All of your pieces will come individually packed in biodegradable bags. We have partnered with The Better Packaging Co. to use 100% compostable mailers that are easy for you to use! Our mailers are a certified home compostable, fully biodegradable and partly made from plants! Our packing lists are printed on 100% recycled paper and we ship with limited to no marketing materials in order to reduce our contribution to waste in our environment.